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Aug26th, 2009:
Your SEO Services just released the SEO services package for various markets.

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Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0s are simply free blogging platforms. Most properties allow for a pretty significant amount of freedom including url modification, images, and videos. These properties are great because you are basically piggy-backing off the authority that is already established by these sites. It helps building quality and high authority backlinks.

  • Write each web 2.0 Article targeting few keywords.
  • Well-written and high quality original articles related to our products/landing pages/keywords.
  • Check spelling or grammatical errors if any.
  • Word count > 400 words
  • Write in Paragraph style, use headings for each Paragraph.
  • Use keywords in headings of the article.
  • Use listings, bullet points at times.
  • Write Unique Title and Description for each Article.


  • Use 2-3 images to make the article interesting and interactive.
  • Thumbnail - top-left side position of article 150x150 pixels
  • 1-2 images in the article content – 480x360 pixels (approx. size)
  • Name the images meaningfully and syntactically eg: icici-home-loan.jpg)
  • Give title and alt tags for the images
  • Add caption to the images
  • Use tools like to check whether images on the page are optimized or not
  • Get Images for free from Flickr or other sources which offer common licenses. Just credit the photographer/image owner.


  • Max Density of keyword: 3%
  • Do not forcefully add keyword, try to sprinkle the keywords throughout the article.
  • Check content keyword density prior to publishing
  • Use both primary keyword (e.g.: Web 2.0 Submission) and long tail keyword (Web 2.0 Link Building)
  • The primary keyword has to be present in the following styles at least once
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Image alt tag
    • Heading
    • Keywords
  • Use synonyms wherever possible (e.g.: Web 2.0 Profile Creations)
  • Use keyword tags and labels in each post.
  • Embed related YouTube video into the post where ever fits.

Backlink in the web 2.0 Articles

  • Give maximum 2 anchor links in 1 post.
  • The anchor links should point to landing page of (e.g.: if the anchor is Web 2.0" it should point to
  • Give no follow links to informative sites (Wikipedia) SEO Blogs, related to your topic/keywords where ever fits.
  • Make sure that the links that you are adding are live and working (not "under construction)


  • Write different styles of content like conversational, related latest news, reviews, question-answers style.
  • Use both primary keywords and long tail keywords.

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