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Aug26th, 2009:
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Responsive Web Design

When you run a business, it becomes very important that you have your presence on the internet through your websites. And it does not stop with just having a website, you must have such an website which will make the user experience hassle free and does not make the user feel, ”Oh! Come on, how do I get want I want from this site”. With more and more users using their mobile phones for their online purposes, it becomes an issue when they view the usual website on the small screens of their mobile phones. They might have to zoom in and out to read the content and to make any kind of transactions.

Responsive Web Design Services

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website which will change the way it appears and the design layout, according to the size of the screen on which it is viewed. The user might no longer have to zoom in and out to read the content. A responsive website design (RWD) uses the relevant software frame work and programming languages and makes sure that the users are not having a hard time using the website irrespective of the size of the screens they are viewed on.

Why corporate business must go for responsive web design

As a business, when you analyze your online visitors you might probably find that nearly half of your visitors would be visiting through mobile phones. And this figure would only increase in the future. In such a scenario, your usual website might prove to be a weakness with customer finding it difficult to access for information through their mobile phones. This could result in your business losing customers. To avoid such a circumstance, it becomes highly necessary for business to make their websites a responsive one which adjusts itself to size of the screen and makes it easy to use. Apart from this there is also a cost factor. Some business might already have a separate mobile website for its customer. Maintaining such separate website would be costlier. So instead of having separate websites for the desktop and mobile version, you could just have one responsive website which will serve the purpose and also cost less.

Why should you choose Your SEO Services for your responsive web design?

Your SEO Services is a company in Bangalore which specializes in SEO, Web design, Social media Marketing, Link Acquisition and Reputation management. They are a highly reputed firm in the field of web designing. A look at their client list will help in serving as a proof of their efficient and reliable services. And this great service from them comes at a very affordable price. You can be assured that your return on investment is going to be high. Their record of optimizing the websites is very impressive and there are a few retail websites of certain large e-commerce companies which stand as testimony for their work.

With the competition increasing and the customer preferences ever changing, it is a must that you keep your business updated so as to make it relevant in the present scenario.

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