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SEO services Offered!
Aug26th, 2009:
Your SEO Services just released the SEO services package for various markets.

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Google Plus promotion

Google started giving priority to Google plus compared to other social media platforms. It is also essential because G+ count is being shown under the Search engine results.

Guidelines for Google Plus Page

  • Vanity URL: Create a unique URL. If possible, make your brand name as URL as we have for Your SEO Services. So, it should be
  • Branded cover and profile pictures: Use your official logo in profile picture and show all your products in the cover page.
  • Tagline and Introduction: Add a catchy tag line and detailed introduction to your page. As always, place primary keywords in the first couple of lines.
  • Phone number and Email address: Add the official phone number of your company and email (should be monitored regularly).
  • Fill all Fields: As much as possible, complete all the required fields from Google profile such as adding your profile image, website URL, business details, description etc.
  • Links: Add relevant links of your website in this section like blog, forum etc.
  • Reviews: Get reviews to your website from other users. Encourage them to review your services as that will be a great boost for you in SEO.

Guidelines for Google plus Posts

  • SEO title: The first few characters of the update is considered as SEO title for that update. Hence, try to use primary keyword as quick as possible.
  • Optimize photos: Add caption at the end of the photo and also a link (if you are promoting a product)
  • Humour: Google plus is used in light-heated fashion, so try to include humor in your posts.
  • Different formats: Post in different formats. Use images, infographics, videos etc as updates.
  • Circles: Create circles and use them to share content efficiently.

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